Goud in Twente

GOUD IN TWENTE Samen Met Handstand Consultancy creëerde we een campagne voor creatieve broedplaatsen in Twente. Er is namelijk serieus geld beschikbaar om deze broedplaatsen te ondersteunen. Of het nou gaat om een workshopspace, maakplaats, kunstenaarshol of creatieve ondernemershub. De subsidie heeft als doel om deze broedplaatsen duurzamer te maken. Creatieve ideeën en ondernemende geesten… Read More

Grolsch IPA

GROLSCH FRESH CRISPY IPA This is the first full IPA Grolsch Premium Pilsner brewed. The IPA is made of Aloha hop and citrus and has a fresh crispy taste . To stand out in the growing IPA market and to attract the right audience we used an almost fluor orange as the main colour for… Read More

Grolsch Movie

Grolsch keyvisuals Royal Grolsch asked me to created a serie of illustrations were the brand Grolsch is combined with movies. The developed keyvisuals contain typical elements like neon and film cans integrated in the typical Grolsch 'Beugel' bottle. Read More


Mindplay, bricks on me Concept & Art direction: Elroy Klee, Photography: Niki Kits-Polman & Ebo Fraterman, Models Hazel Vijfhoven, Jaleesa Koelen, Marie Korf  Make-up: Esther Knobben, Assistant: Augiaz Pattipeilohy Read More

Joop! Limited edition

Joop! limited edition fragrance Black King and Red King are two new limited editions of the popular Joop! Homme fragrance. Joop! Homme is part of COTY.  COTY, is an American beauty products manufacturer based in New York founded in Paris, France, by François Coty in 1904. Its main products are fragrances, color cosmetics and skin… Read More

Grolsch 400 years

400 YEARS OF CHARACTER The years 2015 marks the 400th year for beer brand Grolsch. 1615 - 2015 needed to be celebrated. With my long time partnership with Grolsch I was asked to design numerous of packaging designs. Together with Grolsch we honored the people who’s personality definitely where important for the brand. Theo de Groen,… Read More