Grolsch 400 years

400 YEARS OF CHARACTER The years 2015 marks the 400th year for beer brand Grolsch. 1615 - 2015 needed to be celebrated. With my long time partnership with Grolsch I was asked to design numerous of packaging designs. Together with Grolsch we honored the people who’s personality definitely where important for the brand. Theo de Groen,… Read More

Grolsch love

Grolsch love Royal Grolsch asked me to created an illustration which shows love for the Grolsch brand. Read More

Cheech Wizard

Cheech Wizard in the land of hip hop Cheech Wizard is an American underground comics character. The Wizard is constantly in search of a good party, cold beer, and attractive women. The Cheech Wizard is highly adopted in graffiti murals and street art. Read More