Kimono Koto

KIMONO KŌTO COLLECTION This inspiring, new collection is comprised of 3 different handmade samurai-style hooded Kimono coats. Each boasting its own unique and individual details. It’s traditional Japanese clothing reinterpreted with modern appeal. Concept: Jeena van der Heul Fashion designer: Mirjam Manusama Styling: Mirjam Manusama Mua: Milena Prieto Art Directors: Elroy Klee, Jeena van der… Read More

Grolsch Kick Off event

GROLSCH KICK OFF EVENT A short animation for Royal Grolsch beer for there yearly Kick Off event. Read More

Voort TVC

VOORT TV COMMERCIALS For Voort I made several animations. Commissioned by Fitzroy Amsterdam. Client : Voort. Agency : Fitzroy Art Director : Jeena van der Heul, Elroy Klee Photography : Maurice van der Meijs 3D/CGI : Elroy Klee. Animation : Timothy Wagenar. Styling : Rianne Boon Read More

Financial Planning

FINANCIAL PLANNING COVER For Source Media New York I made the 2018 June cover for the FP50 Rankings. The 50 biggest independent broker- dealers are ranked by revenues, corporate staff, clients and accounts. Read More

New York Ramblers

NEW YORK RAMBLERS New York Ramblers is the first organized openly gay/LGBTQ soccer club. For them I created a key visual based on there logo. Read More


ABSTRACT Typographic exploration in De Stijl movement, with basic visual elements such as geometric forms and primary colors. Together with talented intern Delano Klee Read More

Kings & Queens playing cards

KINGS AND QUEENS PLAYING CARDS Kings & Queens, playing cards. Concept: Elroy Klee, Photography: Jeroen Nieuwhuis, 3D: Elroy Klee, Make-up Hilda Nanlohij, Models Chris Verhoog, Jasmijn Klee, Leonne Henkelman & Donny Titawano, Making of: Drikus Booijink, Assistant: Ali Fida Read More