Grolsch Herfstbier 0.0

GROLSCH HERFSTBIER 0.0 Grolsch Herfstbier 0.0% is een donker speciaalbier. Door het unieke brouwproces is dit bier alcoholvrij en vol van smaak. Het bier heeft een diepe robijnrode kleur en een stevige mokka-kleurige schuimkraag. Geniet van tonen van karamel en rozijnen. 100% genieten, 0% alcohol. Herfstbier 0.0 heeft een eigen gezicht gekregen in het Grolsch… Read More

Grolsch 0.0

GROLSCH 0.0 Grolsch 0.0 was awarded with a golden European Beer Star in the category of alcohol-free bottom-fermented beer in the year 2018. Grolsch asked me to design the new look and feel for this alcohol free beer with it's fresh taste. From 6-packs wraps and bottle masters to POS materials. All designed in a… Read More

Grolsch IPA

GROLSCH FRESH CRISPY IPA This is the first full IPA Grolsch Premium Pilsner brewed. The IPA is made of Aloha hop and citrus and has a fresh crispy taste . To stand out in the growing IPA market and to attract the right audience we used an almost fluor orange as the main colour for… Read More

Kornuit activation

KORNUIT ACTIVATION Kornuit asked us to adjust an existing packaging for an activation. When purchasing a 6 pack bottles or cans, the consumer bought a piece of 1m2 forest. The forest visual was subtly woven into the existing hop branding. In addition, the sides of the packages were used to draw extra attention to the… Read More

Grolsch Premium Pilsner

GROLSCH PREMIUM PILSNER Grolsch Premium Pilsner is brewed according to a more than 400-year-old tradition. For their full range of cans I was asked to design a new look. Keep the good and develop a new style that stands out in stores and super markets. Outcome is a modern, clean packaging with all the recognizable heritage… Read More

Joop! Limited edition

Joop! limited edition fragrance Black King and Red King are two new limited editions of the popular Joop! Homme fragrance. Joop! Homme is part of COTY.  COTY, is an American beauty products manufacturer based in New York founded in Paris, France, by François Coty in 1904. Its main products are fragrances, color cosmetics and skin… Read More

Flexa Kleurtester

Flexa Kleurtester For Flexa we developed an outro for a TV commercial in collaboration with Fitzroy Amsterdam. De 5 second outro showed all the different Kleurtester colours in a smooth and easy flow which results in a clear end with call to action. Concept: Fitzroy Amsterdam Art: Elroy Klee Read More

Grolsch FC Twente

GROLSCH SUPPORTS FC TWENTE Royal Grolsch asked me to work together with them on several Grolsch/FC Twente collaborations. With my experience on the FC Twente brand (I restyled the logo for the professional soccer club FC Twente in 2005) we saw great opportunities to combine the two biggest brands of the east of the Netherlands.… Read More

Grolsch 400 years

400 YEARS OF CHARACTER The years 2015 marks the 400th year for beer brand Grolsch. 1615 - 2015 needed to be celebrated. With my long time partnership with Grolsch I was asked to design numerous of packaging designs. Together with Grolsch we honored the people who’s personality definitely where important for the brand. Theo de Groen,… Read More

Canei Frizzanti range

CANEI - BAARSMA WINES Canei is an elegantly sparkling, refreshing grape blend.  Baarsma Wines asked me to design their Frizzanti range. The silver labels are the base color of the range. The additional colors and illustration represents the craftsmanship based on natural ingredients, with quality you can taste! Concept & Art direction: Elroy Klee  … Read More